Thursday, 20 October 2016

shot treatment mark 2

1.       An empty battle field
2.       A line of men walks across the horizon of the battlefield 
3.       Camera tracks along showing the destructions that has taken place and the men walking back like half dead men
4.       Mid shot of a couple of men only one is properly in frame
5.       Back to wide shot as a flare shoots up above the men
6.       Mid shot in front as they walk through the remains of a dead forest suddenly there yelling “Gas Gas” as the shot fills up with green smoke
7.       Quick Wide shot of the pandemonium
8.       Close up of gas mask bag as someone grabs them
9.       Close up of a gun dropping on the floor as a soldier drops it
10.   Side on close up of a soldier putting on his gas mask
11.   Back to mid shot to with one soldier centred in frame we see that the other soldiers have their mask on
12.   As he turns round we track in to an over shoulder shot as a soldier staggers out the green smoke without a mask on he’s grabbing his throat and gasping for air
13.   Mid shot of the man gasping as if he drowning
14.   P.O.V through the gas mask of the man gasping and struggling as he falls to the floor the P.O.V eyes start to blink as if in disbelief then shuts them sending frame to black
15.   Wide shot of the men loading the bodies on to a wagon
16.   Mid shot of soldier walking behind the wagon with the body thrown on top
17.   Quick Close up of the face gaunt and white with white eyes and blood stained mouth
18.   Quick shot of the body lying on top of other bodies 
19.   quick shot of limp hand of dead soldier
20.   fade to black

21.   jump cut on a man sleeping in a dug out woken by the sound of shells as the camera slowly pans back              

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