Thursday, 20 October 2016

Rough Story board unfinished

dulce et decorum est by DanH1992 on Scribd


  1. i need to both go back over this and freshen it up and im still struggling how to finish the animation i have a idea but could do with some suggestions

  2. My gut reaction to this storyboard Dan is thats it's emotionless and mechanical. Given the complex emotions presented in the poem obviously that's a fundamental oversight. In your shot list (previous post) there are no words describing emotion either. Basically the shot list has somewhat ignored the emotional content of the poem and focused on physical mechnics (soldiers walking etc) instead. I'd recommend going back to the poem, reading it again, looking at what it emotionally means (there's an infinate amount of analysis out there), and returning to your shot list again - This time with emotional description in mind.

  3. okay i was struggling as the analysis talk about them returning for rest so was thinking of putting some close ups of the characters labouring under there own exhausted bodies but where every one wants it to be set like a play i thought the silhouette would do that justice sorry about not coming in as well i have been being ill all night