Monday, 25 April 2016


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  1. Hi Dan, some thing that are glaringly obvious to me.
    1.The awkwardness of the dining room chairs. The backs look really uncomfortable, they need a bit of backward incline and come bend to make them look more realistic.
    2. Some of the textures need some more love, for example the floor (what material is it?) and the inner fireplace.
    3. The window frames seem a bit weedy and at the moment I feel that the walls are made of hard board rather than a solid material.
    4. There is some weird geometry going on with the base of the chair, at the back the trim seems to extend beyond the chair back.
    5. The panels on the doors should extend up and down more the, think of the panel as if it is a picture frame in terms of the wood around it.

    Just a few things to tweak but they should all be do-able