Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Adaptation B final Previz

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  1. Hey Dan,

    Some observations then:

    @ 21 secs you've got the plane flying right to left, then at 22 secs it appears that the plane is suddenly flying left to right and then at 23 secs, the plane is seen flying in the original direction. This is an instance of 'crossing the line of action' - so your camera has moved from being on one side of the action to the other side, which gives the impression that everything has changed direction and is going in the opposite way to what it was. You either need to keep the line of action/camera position the same, or move the camera across the line so audiences understand they're looking at the same action but have moved positions.

    Is your propellor going to move? It seems odd that it doesn't.

    Yes - keep your ships moving, at times they appear to slow to a halt (@ 27 secs).

    If I'm being honest, it does seem as if you could cut back to the radio at around 58 secs, as after that it doesn't seem as if there's any further action? You don't show us any more in relation to the radio broadcast, so is this the more natural end point for your film?