Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fantastic voyage: Plan

Chosen theme: Influenza virus
my initial ide for showing the life cycle of influenza is to do an infographic animation using 3 dimensional models styled in vector graphic styling's using bright coolers and simple and concise information ever delivered through a voice over or text I am undecided yet the style of this piece will be similar to that of 100 ways to die .
Similar to these


I am going to aim this at a demographic of 11 to mature this is due to the information and how I am going to deliver it I think the clean imagery and simile delivery of the subject will work for this age range the colour pallet and simile diagrams may be lost on a much younger age group as they may need more information to understand what is happening and they may need charters or some sort of interaction to keep them interested in what is going on the screen but children from the age of 11 up should be accustom to enough information and scientific understanding that they will be able to follow the information given the information will be simplified but exact and students round the age of 11 to 15 should be accustomed to things like BBC bite size which delivers it information in a similar manner to what I am hoping to do and anyone who has gone through basic secondary school science should be able to follow as well I want this whole animation just to be a small shot espresso shot of information about influenza and with simple but well-made diagrams of the different stage should help it to be remarkable and easy to take in.

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