Friday, 20 February 2015

Shot List

  1.   Opening establishing shot of high street taken from a wide angle camera tracks down the street
    2.       Still on high street and still track but on a crowd of people have started to appear camera keeps tracking down high-street the more it tracks the more and more people there are 

    3.       Camera stops tracking in front of a beauty parlour named sparks saloon where the crowed also seems be outside of camera tracks forward a little bit to expose more detail in the scene

    4.        Camera stays a mid-angle and shows people queue up and entering the shop and generally making a big deal about something inside

    5.         Close up of poster giving a slight deposition of what has happened (poster reads miracle beauty treatment turn back the clock and look ten years younger with the sparks miracle beauty lotion.

    6.       Fade away

    7.       Fade in interioror of beauty parlour inside there is a couple standing in front of a tv crew with cameras pointed on them and they are giving a TV interview on the shelves behind them is loads of bottles which read sparks anti-aging lotion the camera slowly zooms out to black with the last bit of audio saying do you have any big plans for your future.

    8.       Darkness close up fade in to tape being put on a box

    9.       Exterior shot of salon

    10.   Salon starts to change into a bigger shop during a time lapse

    11.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being put on a box

    12.   Open to another TV interview but this time the males character looks worn down and all the sings have changed to say miss sparks and miss sparks beauty lotions interview ends with miss sparks saying we have now start mass production then fade to black

    13.   Exterior of salon but behind is a massive factory and the scene is overall quite gloomy and glum the camera tracks forward towards the factor and keeps in going till it reaches a window which then exposes the inside to be a massive warehouse with only on production line fade to black

    14.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being put on a box
    15.   High angle birds eye view from top of warehouse camera tracks down centre of warehouse in-between the high warehouse shelves and over the centre of the production line the camera tracks and descends in high till it reaches the end of the production line

    16.   Switch  to a mid-shot from the side angle the end of the production line which reveals that this is the boxing point and the only person there doing the boxing and all the work is the inventor the inventor mister sparks is stood there taping boxes shut fade out

    17.   Fade in to a shot of mister sparks hands which are making a origami horse out of tape and on the table are few different origami animals and things

    18.   Low angle sot front on pans up to expose that mister sparks is happy and content with his origami creation as the camera is focused on mister sparks face which looks happy and content in the back ground you can hear miss sparks enter the room

    19.   Wide angle shot shows miss sparks enter from the left and proceed to yell at mister sparks about slacking and how he is useless fade to black as fades out here the sound f the yelling continue and something being thrown in the bin

    20.   Birds eye f top of bin origami creatures in bin

    21.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being put on a box

    22.   Close up of mister sparks hands clenched in fist

    23.   Quick cut side angle medium shot  to a box shooting out of production line

    24.   Close up shot box stopping in front of mister sparks

    25.   Close up of miss sparks face yelling

    26.   Close up of mister sparks face witch is upset

    27.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being put on a box

    28.   Miss sparks finger waging

    29.   Mister sparks looks more upset then face turns to anger

    30.   Mister sparks pulls the duct tape out into a strip

    31.   Medium angle mister and mister sparks both in frame mister spark reaches up with the tap and puts it straight over miss sparks mouth

    32.   Close up of miss sparks mouth covered with duct tape and confused look on her face

    33.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being pulled

    34.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being pulled

    35.   Mister sparks raps tap round miss sparks

    36.   Darkness close up fade in to tape being pulled

    37.   Mister sparks turns around and walks away leaving a taped up miss sparks behind who is still trying to yell at him through the tape

    38.   Close up on mister sparks as he walks away with a pull focuses witch than focuses in on miss sparks who is behind him

    39.   Close up on tapes up miss sparks

    40.   Fade to black

    41.   Fade in to medium shot of front of shop with mister sparks walking out of it then camera tracks to the door which swings slowly shut revelling a closed sign

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