Friday, 20 February 2015

All development work Script to Screen

 studies and thumbnails for the characters i draw over the top of blue pencil body shape out lines to come up with the outfits most of this project i have had firmly scratched into my brain everything i came out with as designs was already decided as soon as i went to do this story i had a brief period of uncertain with each design choice i made but in the end my final character designs are what kept pooping up in my head  

 the main style i wanted to emulate in my female charter was a hairspray sort of vibe and a style scene which is from the 60s i was not shore if i should glam this character up as well or keep her normal looking but after looking at Wallace and grommet and other source i decided a more fitting style would be a re imagining of Perl 

 concept art my two main charterers and main environment 

my main uncertain was with what sort of tonality and style to give my piece i took a look at evil corps vinyl figures collection and decided that that was the style that i want to go with after my initial sketches i then started to refine them over and over till these two charter appeared from the hase 
 the images below are first the rough story board missing 2 pages as i cant locate them at this time and under that the final storyboard 


 these are the sketches i did for the animation to make the work flow better and to make it an easier task 

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