Wednesday, 8 October 2014

GreenLight Review

Invisble Cities Greenlight Review


  1. OGR 09/10/2014

    Hi Dan,

    It would have been good to have had the actual extract/descriptions in your OGR as requested, so we could have seen the specific images inspiring your intentions. Your 'mission statement' is a bit woolly, but it broadly communicates your intention to approach Esmerelda as a modern, wealthy metropolis. It would have been good to understand from where your idea of the architecture might derive - i.e. what inspires its look and feel; it's important to have an underlying visual concept to avoid the genericism of a 'future city'. For example, if your city is predicated upon the trade that comes to it via its network of canals, maybe you could look at hydroponic technologies as inspiration for your architectural premise (the idea being that hydroponics is the technology of producing food using water only, or put another way, networks of water bringing prosperity to mankind): so:

    This is just a suggestion, but what I'd like you to consider is the architecture visual concept from which the structures and components in your city derive - and it's a concept that should derive from your understanding of the character of the city itself.

    The other thing to thing about in terms of a city that has established itself upon trade and networks of influence is that, arguably it wouldn't be a homogenous city at all - but rather more like a 'coral reef' of different influences; trade cities tend to attract a diverse populace, who bring their own cultural identities with them, which then blend, melt and clash.

    In summary - your city needs a bold production design concept that will help you avoid just 'painting a city' - you're designing one too.