Thursday, 2 October 2014

Esmeralda thumbnails


  1. nice methodology here, Dan - really like the way you're working up your environments in the second sheet :)

  2. Nice work Dan, glad to see your thumbnailing with verve. Just don't forget the two tutorials you have to do for Monday..... As a reminder they are:

    Character Part 1: Modelling

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Nice and clean thumbnails. It would be great if you could spend addition 10 minutes on the presentation in the future. It is as important as you work.

    Thumbnails look promising, I like 71,78. I think the bridge is an interesting idea.
    Have a look at these images:

    It would be nice if you could add perspective to your thumbnails like you did in the thumbnail 84. Don't forget that perspective studies are part of your assignment criteria.

    Keep it up! Productivity is the key in this industry!


  4. I actually quite enjoy how abstract the last 14 of them are, but you're consistently delivering perspective and a sense of depth which looks great !