Saturday, 27 September 2014

Review The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

The Cabienet of Doctor Caligary


  1. Hi Dan,

    Ok, so I am going to comment on this review, but it goes for the previous one too...

    You have made some interesting observations in both reviews; it's good to see you linking the war to the art movements of the time, for example.

    My main comment today is concerning your referencing. You seem to have a mash-up of bibliography and illustrations lists going on! So, firstly, you need to reference the quote directly after it, with the author's surname and the date, for example, (Bradshaw, 2014). This is the author of the Guardian quote that you have used. You then need to sort out exactly what you need in your bibliography. The illustrations are listed separately, in an Illustrations List, which comes after the bibliography. Have another look at the reference guide here, for full details on how to reference both written sources and images -

    You can actually print out a PDF version, so it's easier to refer to in the future....

    So, once you have sorted out the referencing, the next thing you need to do is introduce your quotes and images. For example, you could say something like,

    'As Peter Bradshaw notes in his review, '....blah blah...' (Bradshaw, 2014) From this it could be said that...'


    'As is shown in Fig. 2, the set design...' etc.

    This not only keeps your writing flowing better, it shows that you understand the importance of what the quote is saying, and haven't just plucked it randomly out of the air :)

    Looking forward to the reading the next one!

  2. Hey Dan - see link!

  3. ok will do on all comments i was using some dsa software which get the bibliography together for you i think il stick to doing it my self as then i can add those details but thanks