Monday, 29 September 2014

Influence map Esmeralda i had to break up with anastasia i just wasnt working

influence map for Esmeralda ok iv moved on from Anastasia as she was doing it fro me I was being really generic and reading fro the 22 pages I found I liked Esmeralda as a city as she was spark my neurons and made me wonder how a city like this would work .

 I like Esmeralda as it seems to be a city of adventure and kind of sparks my brain as I am one who likes to wonder round a city aimless lee but im not shore if this is still to safe so I may switch once more to Argia but I will run with this for now as my brain is popping with ideas.

I still think my last mind maps have some clout in this city but they need to be looked at in more of a maze like way so as if they were sections of this maze of a city as where the pictures above represent what I think it would look like to be on ground level wondering about with a cup of coffee and a camera.

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  1. You are right, "Esmeralda" is a beautiful city! It also has lots of design opportunities. I really like your influence map and your direction. Have you thought about the interior shot? Perhaps, Hogwarts from the Harry Potter could give you some ideas.