Monday, 15 May 2017

Reflective statement

During this project I have faced many ups and downs but have tried to stay true to my want to create an animation which I’m proud of in this project I have but this was not without mistake this project has taught me more of why we do what we do and why time management and a clear idea is important as I would have probably had an easier time if I had settled on my idea early and made stuck with my gut and thought for my ideas my minor project is now a complete mystery to me as I’m not sure if it helped or not most the ideas I had during that time have carried over and become fully formed but I don’t think I was being clear with my ideas at that point and only after getting out of the quagmire of post-production my true Achilles  hell I started to create an animation and piece that I am proud of and have learnt some valuable skills along the way and feel a lot more confident in facing issues that may come my way in the future as Maya and most of the major project has taught me how to work through a issue and project management in the form of Maya workflow as I learnt the value of naming conventions and other Maya know how to get this project up and running it has re infused my passion for animation but I have learnt that I need to tackle my demons if I am to become a better animator I need to get better with my time management and I need to take my time in create cleaner geometry I also need to learn how to get better at post production as I feel if I had a stronger post production cycle I would have created an animation even better than the one I  have but his has all been a valuable life lesson. iv learnt i need to make a plan and stick to plan and i need to focus  and get stuck in my work quicker but iv have defiantly learnt 

but yeah long short is iv learnt i need to stop being my own worst enemy 

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