Sunday, 5 March 2017

texture test and discovery

after finalizing my model, I moved on to texturing this part was a bit slap dash but was more due to the fact I wanted to test different textures and was trying to complete my model quickly the uniform was the easiest part to texture and UV and i created the seams for the UV where the seams on the clothing was I found the head and the hands involved due to the low poly nature of my models and how the head uvs where laid out kept changing due to my back and forth on how the head should be designed weather I wanted to be built in nose eyes and moths or was going to draw them on or what style to go for eventually I settled on pinhole eyes due to how I like this style in simplified animations there less expressive but as the face is not a focus of my animation and will be covered in shadow I fought that this wouldn't matter and has lead me to create a character wich has helped me to understand other style  elements of my animation 

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