Saturday, 5 November 2016

character studies

was trying to add my heads to bodies but the three on the left just didn't fell or look right so i created the two on the right trying to understand my characters in whole 

I think I have found my character look good style I like the look of the characters on these 2 pages in
trying to get the face shown as the uniform is very simple and generic but the faces of the characters are what separates them is trying to go for a young character and old character and middle age also noticed facial hair was a common theme in the portraits I based the characters off so add some moustaches . also some of the characters are bald as when i was drawing them on paper i was thinking about them in uniform and with a helmet on so i focused more on the face structure

they also don't have eyes as i always mess that bit up and ruin the drawing i know when i take them further  i will have to add iris but till then i felt it was easier to not add them as eyes can make or break a character

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