Friday, 28 October 2016

Project Thoughts

my storyboard is slowly coming along and it's helping me see and develop my story after looking at the poem and doing research on certain parts. I'm starting to get they're the analysis of the poems that I have looked at have helped in a great deal of breaking the poem down and talking to Allen about emotive film visuals. I have gone for more high angle shots and toned in my drawings to show how dark my images shall be. I want to have most scene light by the light of the flare and I have a fought on the last shot being of a world war cemetery just as that may help elevate the idea of loss I would of like to have been further on and doing prop and character design. but iv realised that if I get the storyboard down it will save me time in the long run as I can Maya only what I need iv been trying to keep the storyboard quick and rough as not to spend to much time on it as the animatic and final storyboard will be more brushed up versions but I need to design my characters to do that .I have found the rough storyboard helpful as its allowing me to thumbnail multiple ideas and shots as there has been a lot of cutting and changing of scene due to this process witch is good.

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