Friday, 14 October 2016

Character Design ideas visualization board

the comments are more like notes of what I'm thinking and my imagination wich I'm trying to express so the notes are a bit out there as I'm trying to show my choices of  images and a should be viewed as ideas that I'm tinkering with and just me trying to visualise my ideas 

before anyone thinks iv gone mad iv selected these character for their profile not there realism there style and painterly texture could work well in the world that i have pictured in my head  as it is reminiscent of  john singer Sargent who is a well-known war painter and not a bad stylistic choice i think a refined version wich is simplified would be a better fit for my animation and a sin city esc shading that's why iv taken a example from sin city and victor comics as the style of heavy ink and high contrast between black and white was common in war comics of the time 
in this board i wanted to show more the body shape and level of detail I'd like in my animation as you can see not that much more using shapes and textures to show the details of the world slender man as i have a image of the characters being gouhlish in shape or beast like goon and then the Animatrix still as this is how i want most my scene to look like in the wide shots as the lack of detail adds to the scene it kind of creates a blank avatar for the audience to embody  

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