Monday, 10 October 2016

camera angle and film inspiration

my idea is still a bit abstract so I'm trying to rein it in by visually showing what I'm aiming for the last three images are from a series called this is our war wich is a strong influence  my piece but not the original spark  that was from reverent and game of thrones battle of the bastards I'm not going for grand I'm going for feeling i want to create a piece wich both visually shows world war one in a stylized manner but not to take from it I want to paint war as war as a terrible thing that's why I want to use a lot of wide and mid angles have one focal character that the audience can follow that one character journey I don't want dialogue as I fell it will take from what is aiming for and  like the shots I have gathered  I  want to subject the viewer to the experience of war 

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  1. as discussed, I think you should look at the artistic license of theatre design in order to separate your ambitions from photorealism and all that tired CGI shizzle - check out these examples:Ă‚©kirstenmcternan_013.jpg

    The idea of treating your world actually 'as a stage' - a black box into which stuff moves and transitions etc, using properly theatrical light, could be a fascinating approach to creating a 'visual poem' out of your subject matter. Personally, when it comes to WW1 stories, symbolism always seems a more potent way of talking about something so massively traumatic.