Saturday, 3 October 2015

Character Game Ideas Rough beginnings

Space  race:

The player has a technological race against the computer to invent a space craft to get them in to space using different parts and components they can get together by putting different items together this is all set during a Victorian era playing off the victory revolution theme.


The player choses a faction and said faction gives the player specific boost and perks this also gives the player one of five characters that they can play which represent each of the factions.

 You collect new parts by traveling round Victorian London and completing task and challenges for M.P.C whilst trying to avoid enemy factions which will engage you in a turn based fight.

The player wins the game by being the first one to do a successful launch into space.

Idear 2

Space Station

We have four separate space colonies which have setup space stations on a planet which have started to mining operations to be the top mining company but they are all attacking each against each other’s

The mechanics is going to be that of a team fortress in space

This will mean thee player will be able to play as a different variety of class which will be tailored to select playing styles like stealth tank sniper scout demolishing

The map an actually game play is where the major separation from team fortress can happen being in space there can be a variants of different weapon’s based on space tools and items which could be useful in a space environment

And I can play around with gravity in certain areas and different types of base like traps such as certain areas can have different 

I could also break the factions down into an American team ad a Russian team and Chinese team and a European team 

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