Saturday, 26 September 2015

Group Name ideas

Josh Audsley-Smith Group Name  Ideas

Devil graphics studios

High 3D films

little box graphics

Jamie Wathen Group Name Ideas

Titan studios

Combustion films

Thorns films
Little robot studios

Daniel Harrington Group Name Ideas

Three monkey films

Transcendent productions

Lucky cat films

Ghost in a jar productions

Cut throat films

We have selected to go with ghost in a jar productions I have taken over setting designing a logo whilst Jamie has worked on setting up the blogger page and josh has started brain storming ideas for are production.


  1. Hmm - A few names seem reasonable but at the same time one isn't leaping of the page as a clear winner. It may be that some of the themes are correct but not the language. For example, "Ghost in a Jar productions" may be better as 'Ghost in a can' films - It has slightly more playful/pop culture feel and relates better Can = film can etc so it reads as if your capture something special on film. The phrase 'in a can' always has a retro 50's advertising feel too which might produce fun "Spam in a can'.

    FYI - I'd also drop any name which has a violent theme - such as Cut Throat, Thorns, Devil etc.

  2. thanks for the feedback I see what you mean about can it does pop a bit better then jar I got the idea of ghost in a jar from a Rick and Morty episode as they had a character with that name but can does work better then jar especially with the link that the word has with film and I do get what you mean about the violent over tone of the other two as much as I know it is are choice we are still representing the uni so I think it probably is wise for us to stay in the realms of friendly names :)

  3. I'm also having problems uploading jpegs on to my blog it keeps freezing every time I do and I have had some designs I wanted to post all weekend