Friday, 9 January 2015

story ideas looking for any feed back Script to Screen

Location: Beauty Parlour 

Item: Duct Tape



Small mythical creature who is an inventor who has to go on a short adventure to rescue his friend who has gotten stuck to duct tape.

Man tries to ask a girl out who works in a beauty parlour by inventing different contraptions to impresses her and to ask her out for him cause he’s shy but they all malfunction  so in the end he just duct tapes himself to the spot so he can’t run away

A inventor tries to impress the owner of a beauty parlour that he love by making her a machine which can do beauty treatments but on its maiden run it starts to fall apart so he has to fix it with duct tape


A inventor living above a beauty parlour creates a bunch of small creatures which then escape and cause havocker in a the beauty parlour bellow so he makes a duct tape gun to catch them and carnage incuse till he captures them all.

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