Thursday, 6 November 2014

What If Metropolis OGR


  1. OGR 07/11/2014

    Hi Dan - there's no travelogue included - which is a shame, as I'm unable to share in your vision for this Delaunay-inspired city. Some of your thumbnails are enticing. I can't help but suggest that you look at Lebbeus Woods in terms of thinking about how some of those complex corrugations in Delaunay's paintings might be translated into three-dimensional surfaces:

    I'd like you to complete your travelogue, as it's been useful for people to identify key assets for their digital sets and explore some of the nitty-gritty of their visions; you'll need to careful, given the complexity of your buildings, that they don't some roll together into one ball of irregular geometry; start thinking about the things and elements that make up regular city above and beyond the basics of housing blocks.

  2. ok iv looked at Lebbeus Woods I see what you where meaning I think his designs complement Delaunay's style its a bit like the Lebbeus Woods is the architect and Delaunay is the interior designer so if I handle these two correctly I should come out with some nice shapes and im thinking of setting the city in a 1920s style city

  3. @tutorphil what about Zara Hadid as her buildings fit the curves and circles of Delaunay's paintings