Tuesday, 4 November 2014

King Kong Review

King Kong

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  1. Hi Dan,

    Ok, you have started to explore some of the important issues that this film addresses, such as stereotyping and racism.

    Remember to italicise all your film names as well as the quotes, as this helps distinguish between the character itself and the name of the film; so for example, where you say, 'big classic Godzilla' it is not clear if the film is a classic, or the big monster itself.

    Be careful not to make assumptions that you can't back up - you say, 'it would have won in the Special Effects category if there had been such a category.' Do you know this for a fact?

    Check that your font is consistent throughout...it seems to be changing sizes at various points, possibly where you have copied and pasted?

    Your paragraph towards the end would benefit from some more
    punctuation!! Read it through again here -

    there are occasional mistakes and weird moments, like a couple of the boulders bounce weirdly but these can be ignored because of the amount of detail there is in other aspects, like how the back drops use such beautiful matte paintings and have a brilliant depth to them this sort of set building defined king KONG saw much innovation in cinematography for example the use of rear projection,dummy miniatures which where all adopted by modern film are all still used today and other camera effects altho king kong makers never got recognised for this at the time because there was no award for special effects or visual effect in 1933

    Please also have another look at the referencing guide for how to compile your bibliography - it is really important that you get this right before you hand in your essay, as without a proper bibliography, work can show up as being plagiarised. There is a PDF version that you could print out, so that you haven't got to keep referring back online...