Monday, 24 November 2014

how i got to my final concept idea

 Okay these first two thumbnails are designed by Jordan over previous work i took these and tried to mimic what he showed me which i then lead me to produced the next to images 

then i spoke to Simon he said i should use my line work not to be precise but just get the information down that i need to i use photo shop as if i was actually painting in it so i went a tried this i had a block out of what i want my set to look like which came from a ground plan i did straight from one of Delaney paintings i took this same painting and painted the coulees from it straight on to my block out over the  top of a quick sketch work which gives my buildings forms which i can then used to see where i need painting and didn't this process gave my work a very cartoon fill which i think works for this city i think the space that Delaney would build would have a adventure time slash braves warrior fill and as a style i think this works for me all i  need to do now is go in and add details to the buildings  and clean the image up some more 

Simmons drawing 

this image needs more rendering and to be cleaned up but i think it take Delaney work and works it into city which i feel he could design the style choice iv gone for is down to all my design work coming out that way every time i draw a building for this city it comes out looking like a image from modern cartoon network so instead of trying to fight it im accepting it and going too work it to my advantage its nice to have the foundations of this image down as i can picture this scene perfectly the small orange building will be a coffee shop which has seating on the square which is in front from the left side of the image im going to put in a car and a tram going in front of part of the building and im going to have the rest of the ground floor buildings being shops .

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