Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Alien Film Review

Alien Review

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  1. Hi Dan,

    Ok, you have had a go with the Harvard referencing now, so that is good - couple of things to note... after the quote you just need the author's surname and the year, both in brackets, so (Ebert, 2003) for example. In the bibliography, the authors surname comes first, followed by the initial, so Ebert, R. for example. The bibliography then need to be organised alphabetically, so in your case Ebert, Malcolm, Wilson.

    Be careful relying on the spellchecker as it is possibly substituting your misspelled words for other ones that then don't make sense. You have 'felling' for example instead of 'feeling', and you have called Ridley Scott 'Riddle' throughout.

    Make sure that your film names are in italics, and that they have capital letters.

    You need to label the images 'Figure 1' etc, and then compile a proper illustrations list after the bibliography.