Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Octavia thumbnails quick sketches 1 min


  1. love that first page of thumbs, Dan :)

  2. It's a very good start, good work Daniel. Looking forward to see further development. It would be helpful if you could show your research. Perhaps you would like to consider creating a mood board/s. They can help you to narrow and establish your vision.

    It would be also helpful, if you could add project name, artist's name, stage and subject in you image? "Good presentation helps sell your design" -FZD. The same way a good package sells products. Here is an example -

    It is essential to look as professional as possible both online and real life. This leads us to your blog in general.

    I like that you got rid of your old posts. However, blog is not only a personal space for artist's growth it is also a part of your marketing package.
    For example, as a potential employer I'm looking for a good presentation of your great designs that will sell them to me. The blog should be readable and easy to navigate. People are very busy in the entertainment industry.

    It would be awesome if you could add few things.
    See suggestions below, but remember they are just suggestions it's purely up to you how you will manage your blog:

    1. I would suggest you to use a neutral background color - maybe dark grey or something darker than white. Please, don't get me wrong. White is absolutely perfect, but at the moment you don't have enough content and your blog looks empty. You can change it back to white later.

    2. Make different tabs: Concept art, Thumbnails, Research, CGI, Tutorials, Reviews etc. Something that will help your audience quickly find materials they need in the future.

    3. Use the minimalistic design - it will make your online appearance more professional. You can show your personality and your unique vision through the content on your blog.

    4. IMPORTANT: Contact TAB!

    To support my suggestions here is an example of the professional blog:

    Keep up the good work. I'm excited to see your progress!

  3. Hello Daniel,

    My name is Aleksandr (Alex) and I will be your project mentor. I will be monitoring your progress, help with assignments and give advice regarding your online appearance (blog).
    I'm a CAA alumni and has 3-year experience in the entertainment industry as a freelance texture/look dev. artist and compliance viewer/editor at Cartoon network at Turner Broadcasting Systems (Time Warner company). I've also successfully finished production course at Escape Studios and CGSociety workshops.
    If you need my advice or any help in the future don't hesitate to contact me via email - I will reply as soon as possible (I promise :) )

    Please check my website:


    1. oh okay Aleksandr nice to meet you and i will check out that sight